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WSM BioPrep Organics Processing System

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WSM announced the introduction of the WSM BioPrep Organics Processing System, “a complete high capacity system” to convert green waste, food waste, and mixed organics into high quality feedstock for compost and AD conversion systems. It is a complete and integrated system that includes bulk receiving and metering infeed, shredding, conveying, metal removal and/or detection, light fraction separation, screening, sorting, and grinding, the full set of tools to allow effective processing of incoming materials at rates up to 100 tph, according to WSM. By utilising the company’s Titan Trommel Screen (8 ft. diameter by 35-63 ft. long) and Titan Horizontal or Vertical Feed Grinder (150 – 800 HP), the company says this stationary electric system delivers substantial customer benefits including reduced handling, labour, and energy costs for reduced “per ton” processing costs; full system integration with a system that is fully engineered and designed for ease of maintenance and low cost installation and operation; and WSM’s on-going technical training and support to insure a productive system.