The Great Battery Challenge witnesses impressive collection of end-of-life batteries 

Over 2000 kg of end-of-life batteries were collected by students as part of the competition, conducted by Bee’ah Education, in partnership with Duracell. 

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July 7 2022
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As part of efforts to encourage sustainable habits in future generations, Bee’ah Education held the third edition of The Great Battery Challenge. The inter-school competition, which has now been expanded to include schools from across the UAE, recorded the highest-ever participation with entries from over 160 schools, and registered an impressive collection of over 2000 kg of end-of-life batteries. 

The winning schools were honoured on July 6. Held in partnership with Duracell, the Great Battery Challenge was launched in 2018 to encourage battery recycling habits among students. According to the statement, the initiative has played a pivotal role in diverting discarded batteries away from landfills and preventing environmental pollution due to improper disposal. 

Commenting on the initiative, Fahad Shehail, Group Chief Operating Officer at Bee’ah, said, “We firmly believe that sustainability requires collective action, and through Bee’ah Education, we take pride in involving the community in driving the transition to a sustainable, zero-waste future. The Great Battery Challenge has nurtured recycling habits among students, while addressing the growing issue of battery waste in the UAE. We are proud to work closely with like-minded organizations, like Duracell, to encourage the next generation of environmental leaders and enable a better future for all.” 

Following the announcement of the competition earlier this year, participating schools were supplied with special bins to collect batteries. Students were encouraged to collect end-of-life batteries and deposit them in the bins. Winners were decided based on the total weight of batteries collected. The first place was won by India International School, Sharjah; second place was won by Gulf Asian English School, Sharjah and third by Al Qarayen KG Sharjah. 

Hind Al Huwaidi, Managing Director of Bee’ah Education, said, “At Bee’ah Education, we have been working towards creating a greener generation for more than a decade. As advocates for sustainability, we have realised the importance of incentivising sustainable activities among our youth and how crucial it is towards our vision for a sustainable future. 

Sharing his thoughts on the initiative and partnership, Amer Afifi, Vice President, Duracell Middle East & India, said, “We, at Duracell, are proud to support ‘The Great Battery Challenge’. It has been remarkable to see the enthusiasm from all the participating schools over the previous editions, proving the commitment the future generation has to sustainability and the environment.”