Sennheiser Middle East joins international brands committed to sustainability

The company joins more than 50 brands and entities that have signed up with Enviroserve for recycling their end of life electronic equipment.

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March 25 2021
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Sennheiser Middle East has joined more than 50 brands and entities that have made a commitment to the environment and sustainability by signing up with Enviroserve for electronic recycling of their waste products, the company announced.

“We are pleased to welcome Sennheiser Middle East to our clientele which includes other international brands such as Apple, Panasonic, HP, Canon as well as countries, multinationals, OEMs, commercial, industrial, and governmental customers invested in sustainability. As the world’s most advanced E-waste recycling plant located right here in Dubai Industrial Citywe have the privilege of serving companies across the entire Middle East, Africa, and Caucasus Region. We look forward to being entrusted with Sennheiser Middle East products to recycle for many years to come so that we can support their commitment to the environment,” said Lyes Yahiaoui, CEO UAE, Enviroserve.

“As a leading electronic brand, we are happy to embrace sustainability and the solution Enviroserve offers. Sennheiser is a brand which believes in giving back to the society and on the occasion of our 75th year we have decided to take this initiative of going sustainable. Joining hands with Enviroserve appeals to us in this geography that is growing rapidly and taking the lead in progressive measures,” said Heston Saldanha, Regional Sales Manager, Sennheiser Middle East. “Our office covers the six GCC countries, 11 Arabic speaking nations in the MENA region, CIS countries and has recently been entrusted with responsibility for the Pakistan market. By committing to the waste disposal programme pioneered by Enviroserve, we are happy to embrace  the cause of Sustainability.”

E-waste has raised numerous concerns worldwide as many components in electrical and electronic equipment are toxic and considered non-biodegradable, therefore it should be disposed of properly. Enviroserve recycles all types of electronic waste such as IT equipment, machinery, home appliances, air conditioning and heating equipment, and much more. With the raw materials going back into the production cycle, it is a sustainable choice.   


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