Tadweer highlights importance of Occupational Health and Safety at their event

Centre hosts Tadweer EHS Week 2021 to promote healthy, safe, and sustainable work environment for all.

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March 30 2021
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Abu Dhabi Waste Management Centre (Tadweer) hosted its annual Tadweer EHS Week 2021 with the aim to promote a healthy, safe and sustainable work environment for all.

“Tadweer EHS Week serves as an important annual platform to identify challenges and develop a roadmap for implementing our EHS related enhancement strategies and best practices,” said H.E. Dr Salem Al Kaabi, Director General of Tadweer, adding that the event is aligned with their continued efforts to promote a sound health and safety culture among our various stakeholders in waste management sector. “In hosting such events, Tadweer seeks to build a solid foundation for occupational safety and health practices as part of our mandate to improve OSH performance in waste management sector, while raising awareness about everyone’s role in building a safe and healthy society.”

“As part of its strategic plan, Tadweer is keen to implement local and international best practices in managing occupational safety and health risks in workplace. This has become an increasingly urgent priority in the fight against the global pandemic to provide a safe work environment for not only our employees, but also for those working on Tadweer’s behalf including contractors, environmental service providers and the entities nominated and registered under the waste sector,” he continued.

Eng. Hani Hossni, Tadweer EHS Department Director, stated that the event held from 29-30 March featured workshops, training sessions, lectures and awareness presentations covering several issues related to EHS with a particular focus on the importance of occupational health and safety in the context of global COVID-19 outbreak. Held under the theme ‘Assuring Environment, Health and Safety at work in changing circumstances’, the event articulated the Centre’s continued efforts to enhance EHS awareness among Tadweer staff, service providers, employees of related government entities, members of students community and EHS practitioners across the region. In addition to outlining global best practices in ensuring a safe and healthy workplace, the session focused on various aspects of occupational health and safety that improve employee happiness and well-being at the workplace.


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