TIER Runs ‘Creators Contest’ to unleash UAE’s creative spirit for sustainable mobility

The Instagram-based creative competition that runs till 23rd March aims to encourage the sustainable use of transport among Dubai residents.

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Sustainable Initiatives
March 7 2021
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TIER, the leading European micro-mobility provider, has launched a social media competition, with the aim of promoting a sustainable and urban mindset towards the new form of mobility, in a fun and creative way. The essence of the creative contest is for residents to capture their ‘best moments’ with a TIER scooter. Participants should demonstrate how and why they use an e-scooter - be it going to the office, visiting their favourite store a few blocks away, or simply enjoying a stroll around the neighbourhood.

The Instagram-based competition will operate under the hashtag #TIERCREATORS and will run until 23 March 2021. The contest was recently kick-started with an artistic post by three recognised UAE influencers and content creators: Omar Aref, Abdallah Elabry and Luaiy Agial (aka “Creations of LA”).

Residents in Dubai are eligible to participate in the contest, where they will be able to showcase a TIER scooter as part of their daily mobility habits. The three winners of the competition will be shortlisted based on their level of creativity and how well they represent the brand and concept of sustainable mobility within their post, as per the statement.

The ‘TIER Creators’ competition also aims to reveal the creative spirit of UAE residents by allowing them to experiment with the various themes, captions, and storylines using a TIER scooter. Each participant in the contest will be provided with two free scooter unlocks, and their entries will be judged by TIER’s panel of experts selecting the best ones. The first winner of the competition will receive 2,000 minutes (33 hours) of free scooter rides, in addition to 120 unlocks. The second and third runners-up will get 1,000 free minutes (16.5 hours) with 60 unlocks, and 500 free minutes (8 hours) with 30 unlocks, respectively. The winners of the #TIERCREATORS competition will be announced on the 24 March 2021.

The industry-leading scooters can be easily accessed via the TIER mobile app and are available around the clock, across prime cities and locations in Dubai, like Jumeirah Lake Towers (JLT) and Mohammed Bin Rashid Boulevard in Downtown. TIER riders have the option to use the ‘pay-as-you-go’ system at a rate of AED 1 per minute or opt for a subscription model which is more suitable for frequent commuters. The payments to use an e-scooter can be made through PayPal, Visa, or MasterCard. The TIER app enables users to conveniently book their rides through a seamless QR code scanning mechanism, in addition to renting and parking their scooters hassle-free via a smart virtual parking system.

In line with the current Covid-19 situation, TIER has adopted extensive precautionary measures led by WHO guidelines and local authority policies. The company said it carries out regular disinfection of its scooters to ensure that they are safe to use for all riders. According to the statement, the company’s protocols are validated by external Covid-19 experts to provide additional assurance that the right protection is provided for the communities served.  


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