Untha unveils new ZR two shaft shredder

The ZR has been engineered for multi-shift, continuous pre-shredding, even when handling difficult materials, says the company.

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September 10 2021
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UNTHA announced the launch of a new two shaft shredder, the ZR, the dual shaft machine that is said to offer the lowest lifecycle costing (LCC) for waste, wood and metal shredding in its class. The high-performance ZR has been engineered for multi-shift, continuous pre-shredding, even when handling difficult materials. The machine’s low speed, high torque drive means it can process severe duty applications with ease, for a high level of plant availability, and the modular design presents versatility, says the company.  

According to the statement, the ZR2400H, for example, has been engineered for the high throughput, rough shredding of bulky waste, C&I waste, waste wood, MSW, mattresses, carpets, railway sleepers, bales and rolled goods. Available as a static or mobile machine with crawler tracks, the goal for this model is volume reduction (90 percent <300mm), material breakdown for further treatment, and alternative fuel production.  

The ZR2400W is a metal scrap shredder that is also suitable for processing WEEE and large domestic appliances. Again, the goal is to achieve a rough material breakdown (90% <300mm) for downstream sorting, making this a suitable machine for metal processors, recyclers, and aluminium and metal manufacturers.   

“With the ZR, we’re talking a reliable powerhouse that pays for itself,” commented sales director Peter Streinik. “Like all our shredders, the innovation is engineered for long service intervals, easy maintenance, safe operations and high uptime. But what will really make it stand out in its class, is the ability to tackle difficult materials, at low cost. “We believe this will open up a whole new world of shredding possibilities.”

Commenting on his 12-month trial of the ZR prototype during the machine’s R&D phase, Hubert A. Schwarz, head of processing and process development at Schaufler said, “The most important advantages of the ZR are versatility – the unit can shred both large, coarse NF metals and composites; fast, easy and efficient cleaning and maintenance; low energy consumption – compared to other manufacturers, we’re saving €70,000 in energy costs a year as a result of using the ZR.”


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