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E-Waste (WEEE) Recycling


Did you know that in 2018 alone, we produced close to 50 million tonnes of e-waste? And according to UN reports, only 20% of e-waste goes into recycling plants. In the MENA region alone, the e-waste recycling rate is much lower with only 5% of it being sent to recycling centers.


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December 17 2019
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In this scenario, it is highly necessary to educate consumers on how best we can improve the e-waste recycling rate. To that end, we bring to you our YouTube channel - Waste & Recycling Middle East - and our second video on the process of e-waste recycling, in association with Madenat Al Nokhba, where we highlight the various steps involved in recycling WEEE. This process-based video series called In Focus showcases the need of commodity recycling. Through this initiative we also aim to highlight the contribution of regional processors/recyclers in waste diversion and circular economy.