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Dulevo International at the Forefront of City Cleaning and Sanitation

Many UAE and worldwide municipalities, companies, schools and hospitals have been engaged in an extraordinary city street cleaning and sanitation campaign as part of their efforts to combat the Covid-19 emergency.

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June 18 2020
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Emilian company Dulevo International, a global leader in commercial, industrial and urban cleaning, says it is proud to have contributed to this widespread effort with its fleet of street sweepers, cleaners and combination machines, ranking among the most innovative and environment-friendly equipment available on the market.

Various municipalities in the Middle East and around the world have adopted more effective street cleaning methods, taking preventive measures designed to tackle the spread of the coronavirus, in particular, areas close to street furniture as well as public and private areas where residences, offices and retail outlets are located.

Dulevo International has contributed to this widespread effort through its advanced fleet of street sweepers, sanitising cleaners and combination machines, with cuttingedge natural-gas-powered-, electricand diesel-powered vehicles. Tighe Noonan, President and CEO of Dulevo International explained: “At this moment of global health emergency, we have been called upon to make our contribution with our vehicles, so unique in terms of effectiveness and reduced environmental impact, effectively supporting the teams of operators in the difficult but essential task of thoroughly sanitising roads and street furniture. Our mechanicalsuction technology has become a reference model over time: equipped with systems to reduce PM10 emissions, our sweepers pollute less and clean with great efficiency, at competitive costs and using very little water.”

Noonan continued: “We are proud to have made our contribution alongside Mayors as well as municipal and private companies in charge of sanitation aimed at curbing the spread of Covid-19. We are also side by side with all the industrial and commercial companies that have chosen Dulevo machines to sanitise and protect their employees and customers, and that we have been partnering with for years - and currently teamed up with even more strongly. Our heartfelt thanks go precisely to them and to the operators for the precious work they perform with expertise and care every day to protect public health.”

Dulevo vehicles have been sweeping, washing and sanitising streets in many cities in the Middle East and around the world for many years, which has made it possible for municipalities not to be caught unprepared for the extraordinary sanitation required to combat this pandemic, says the company. Sweepers and street cleaners have been involved in extraordinary and precise sanitising operations in various cities and are required to wear special protective equipment during their daily activities to prevent any risk of contagion.

Dulevo also stands out for the special attention it pays to protecting and safeguarding its employees’ health, with great efforts which also reflect on the well-being of the population, says the company. By anticipating the prevention measures provided for in decrees issued by various governments, the company has committed to ensuring business continuity since the start of the pandemic, making it possible for everyone to work safely.

The company

Present in over 80 countries worldwide with a distribution network of approximately 150 dealers, Dulevo International is a leading Italian manufacturer of industrial and urban cleaning solutions and ranks among the most important companies in the industry. The company develops and designs various product lines including street sweepers, cleaning machines, sanitising cleaners, ideal for urban areas, as well as industrial sweepers ideal for industries and commercial businesses, with the continuous development of machines that are also powered with alternative energies, including 100 percent electric vehicles.

Since its inception in 1976, the Parma-based company has always aimed for quality and technology excellence by offering high productivity machines with the least footprint on the environment, both in terms of CO2 emissions and water consumption, that ensure increasingly higher levels of dust filtration, says Dulevo. Today, thanks to an exclusive collaboration with Gore, over 99 percent of filtering capacity has been achieved. Dulevo International believes the company maintains its leading position by constantly pursuing solutions and technologies designed to improve the quality of the environment in which we live and for the operators, researching and implementing cutting-edge technical solutions, in order to always meet any cleaning requirements in commercial, industrial and urban environments.



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