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Mike Hickok presented with 2021 Golden Wrench Award

Padnos employee wins award for demonstrating exemplary commitment to Safety.

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April 20 2021
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The Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries (ISRI) presented its 2021 Golden Wrench Award to Mike Hickok, lead truck technician for Padnos, in Holland, Michigan. He received the award for demonstrating outstanding efforts, achievements, and contributions to ensure commercial vehicles are safe on the road, said ISRI.  

“ISRI is very proud to honour Mike with its Golden Wrench Award,” said ISRI Senior Safety Director Commodor Hall. “Mike’s commitment to continuous improvement and ensuring vehicles are safe on the road is paramount to the overall success of his company and positively reflects the recycling industry’s commitment to safety.”

As a lead truck technician, Hickok brings 36 years of experience and expertise to his job every day. He has been involved in promoting the company’s safety culture and setting up its preventative maintenance programme, as per the statement. 

“Mike has a direct impact on his company’s CSA vehicle maintenance score,” said Padnos Fleet Manager Brian Plowman. “As a result of his detailed inspections and quality repairs, the company has participated in multiple DOT roadside inspections with no violations.”

The Golden Wrench Award is based on the following criteria:

Nominees must be full-time employees (employed by the member company for a minimum of one year) whose primary responsibility is to maintain commercial motor vehicles; Nominations must be made by someone familiar with the nominee’s work history, such as a supervisor, safety director, and so on; No more than five vehicle maintenance technicians may be nominated from the same member company; Nominees must meet the minimum requirement of five years of verifiable employment as a commercial motor vehicle (CMV) maintenance technician; Nominees must have a minimum of 40 hours qualified medium/heavy and or auto/light truck maintenance training (within the last three years); Member company CSA vehicle maintenance performance score cannot exceed the CSA Threshold of 80%; No record of CSA intervention letters/alert notices within the past 24 months (within the Vehicle Maintenance BASIC only).

Other criteria taken into account are contributions to improving company vehicle maintenance, letters of appreciation, deeds of heroism on or off the job, and civic and fraternal organizations.

The Golden Wrench Award was presented to Mr. Hickock virtually during ISRI’s 2021 Convention and Exposition on April 20.


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