Greiner Packaging produces toilet cleaner bottles for Henkel using 50% recycled material

Greiner Packaging has joined hands with Henkel to produce a sustainable packaging solution for its Bref toilet cleaner brand.

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Plastic Recycling
July 9 2020
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The bottle now contains 50% post-consumer recycled polyethylene (r-PE). Greiner Packaging is one of Henkel’s packaging suppliers for this product. Custom-made for the Bref brand from Pro Nature range, the new sustainable packaging solution will replace the earlier black bottles used for this brand.

As black plastic packaging products represented a challenge for the recycling value chain due to the black masterbatch previously used, Henkel teamed up with its supplier Ampacet to introduce an innovative solution for black plastic packaging that is fully recyclable, said the company. According to Greiner, the new packaging material uses an alternative, carbon-free black colouring agent and due to the new masterbatch, the black bottles now can be correctly identified and sorted by optical sensors at waste sorting plants.

“We want to contribute to more sustainable packaging, both with regard to recyclability and an increased use of recycled materials. That’s why we are proud to support our partners like Henkel in implementing their innovative and sustainable projects along every step of the way. A true circular economy can only become a reality if everyone works together,” said Michael Frick, Global Key Account Director at Greiner Packaging.

Abdullah Khan, who is responsible for Sustainable Packaging Laundry & Home Care at Henkel, commented: “Henkel and Greiner Packaging have already implemented a number of innovative packaging concepts together. Our new Pro Nature bottle containing 50% recycled material is a shining example of Henkel’s activities to reach our goal to reduce 50% fossil-based virgin plastics by 2025.”