Changemakers : Metal Recycling Industry

October 16 2022
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Zain Nathani is a well-known expert in the recycling industry both in India and abroad. Nathani has a Bachelor’s degree in Finance from the University of Virginia, USA. He started his career as a management consultant with Bain and Company in New York.

Thereafter, Zain moved back to India and is currently the Managing Director of Nathani Group, one of the oldest Indian companies involved in metal recycling. The Group also has diversified interests in inspection services, container leasing/rental, land and real estate. Nathani Group works exclusively with Schnitzer Steel, USA and is the largest ferrous scrap supplier in bulk vessels into India, Pakistan and Bangladesh.

Zain is an active member of Entrepreneur’s Organization (EO) Mumbai Chapter and is also the Vice President of the Material Recycling Association of India (MRAI).